Lena – Meet the Team

  • Robert L. Lyvers II - President/CEO

    With over 32 years of Executive Management experience with Community Bank, I continue to try to serve my clients by exceeding their expectations. I appreciate the relationships that I have developed over the years with clients, employees, colleagues, friends as well as being able to live in this area. Banking is a relationship business and because I truly enjoy interacting with people, I do not think of my career as a job, but rather a lifestyle.
    NMLS #644400

  • Valerie Dunlavey - Vice President/Loan Officer

    From operational duties to Branch Manager, a variety of different positions over the past 25 years has led me to a seamless transition as loan officer. It has really made a difference in understanding all aspects of banking, which helps me provide the best product or service that will meet my client’s long-term goals. Great co-workers and all of the relationships I have developed with the customers over the years also make Community Bank a great place to be!
    NMLS #644399

  • Jason Kempel - Vice President/Loan Officer

    As an Agricultural and Commercial Banker at Community Bank for more than ten years, I’ve helped many farmers and small business owners secure the loans they need to achieve their goals. I enjoy not only contributing to the success of my banking team and community, but also the success and well-being of each one of my clients. I’ll always try to find the best products and tailor them to meet the specific needs of each person.
    NMLS #1450858

  • Carleen McKee - Account Administrator

    Developing customer relationships and providing excellent customer service has been my goal over the past 9 years with Community Bank. With over 19 years of experience of account management and loan assistance, I strive to find the best solution that fits my customer’s needs.

  • Sheila Keene - Account Administrator

    Since 2011 I’ve been assisting customers and co-workers to achieve exceptional results. With over 13 years of experience, I strive to listen to each client’s need and help them achieve their goal. I love seeing our customers and enjoy the relationships that have developed.

  • Kalie Becker - Account Administrator

    I started working at Community Bank in May of 2014. Since then I have gained lasting friendships with coworkers, established relationships with customers, and found that being in the banking business is the career path I chose in life. Everyday, I strive to make sure customers wants and needs are met. I have always said, “The most satisfying feeling is not satisfaction itself, but seeing the satisfaction of others.” I take the customer’s problems very seriously, and am sure to take the proper steps to solve their problems. All while I am taking my work seriously, I am also sure to find moments where my outgoing personality shines through. I want the customers to trust me with their accounts and feel comfortable with me when handling their accounts. I can’t think of any other place I would choose to work. Working for Community Bank has given me coworkers that have turned into family members and working in the Community of Lena has given me a better outlook on what a great community we have and for that I am truly thankful.