Short-term, long term and everything in-between, we’ve got CD options to fit your lifestyle and savings objective.  Community Bank certificates of deposit are insured and virtually risk free, much like a savings account. Consider it “money in the bank.”   Make a smart money move and save the safe and stable way for education, health care expenses, and retirement or simply diversify your portfolio.

CDs differ from savings accounts in that CDs have a specific, fixed term (six, twelve, twenty-four, thirty, thirty six, forty-eight, sixty months, or even 7 to 10 years), and a fixed interest rate.  Low minimum balances required while earning a higher interest rate.  Penalties apply for early withdrawal.


  • Most CD’s require $500.00 minimum opening balance


  • Penalty for early withdrawal


  • Earn higher interest rate than a regular savings account
  • Automatic renewal at maturity
  • Federally insured to the maximum allowed by law