It is our pleasure to serve our communities!  Each year the bank creates a float to be used for the parades in Orangeville-Fireman’s Festival, Lena-Fall Festival, and Warren-Pumpkin Festival.  To be able to participate in these events is a great team building experience.


School activities, the food pantry, the park district along with multiple outreach programs have been part of the list of benefactors of the Community Bank Lena.  Staff members also partake in various acts of service to the Lena community.  It is a wonderful community!  That’s why you’ll find Community Bank and our people helping others wherever you look.  From supporting local schools to multiple outreach activities, we are happy to be part of the fabric that weaves the towns and its people together.

Orangeville Community Bank is involved in: the Volunteer Fire Department, the Bronco Open, Jane Adams bike trail, the Mighty Richmond Players theatre group, various school-related functions, as well as employees serving on various committees.

In addition to personal involvement of the staff of Community Bank Winslow in community affairs, the Bank is a vital part of the Village.  Past and current participation has included: Paradise Cove, Ivey Pond, Winslow Riverdays, 4-H groups, contributing to post proms, T-ball, food pantries, school activities, as well as giving faithfully to area concerns.

The bank and its staff in Warren are active in the Village in numerous ways: Warren Chamber of Commerce, the Fire Department, Lions Club, Pumpkin Festival, The Bob and Warren Warrior golf events, the Festival of Trees, Tiny Tim (gift giving), food pantry, as well as many school associated events to name a few.