Our conservative policies have enabled us to survive the great depression of the 1930’s intact.  We continue to operate under those principles as we strive to provide efficient, dedicated, professional support to our customers and each of our offices boasts a rich and varied history.

The State Bank of Winslow has been the cornerstone of the Winslow community since 1915.  In 1970 the bank expanded to include the entire first floor of the building and through various remodels since those early days, the bank’s involvement in the community continues to remain constant.

State Bank of Winslow expanded to Warren in 1994 to accommodate their growing customer base in that area, and changed the name to State Bank of Winslow-Warren.  The Warren location opened in November, 1994, with a staff who had direct ties to that community.  The opening of this office extended the Bank’s commitment to the areas it serves and made it easier for residents of the Warren area to conduct business.

In 2002 a merger between Orangeville Community Bank and State Bank of Winslow-Warren was really the completion of a process that also began in 1994, when the two banks became part of the same holding company, Stateline Community Bancshares.  The bank then became known as Community Bank.  Community Bank Orangeville moved to its present location in 1980, celebrating its 25th anniversary the following year.  As with all locations, the staff at Orangeville lends their talents to supporting the community in many ways.

In 2006, another branch was opened in Lena and is pleased to serve the surrounding area. Customers of Community Bank can conduct business at any of the four locations and ATM’s at Winslow, Warren, Lena and inside Boco gas station in Orangeville.